Up to £50 free credit on O2 PAYG (not a voucher simul. scam)

Up to £50 free credit on O2 PAYG (not a voucher simul. scam)

LocalFound 29th Oct 2006
A use for all the O2 SIMS everyone seems to grab everytime they come up You can get upto £50 but I only got a fiver - not bad for 2 mins work though

Details here

Step 1 - Get new sim card.

Step 2 - Send an SMS from existing handset with existing SIM Card to 865555 with the Mobile Phone Number that came with your new SIM Card (e.g. 07999 123 456) as the message.

Step 3 - O2 will send back a message confirming your upgrade and your free calltime credit amount.

Step 4 - The calltime credit will be applied to your calltime balance in 14 days. The new SIM card and new mobile phone number will be disconnected.

Step 5 - You can now use your new handset whilst retaining your existing number, calltime balance, Bolt Ons and any numbers stored on your SIM card.

Step 6 - Once calltime credit has been applied, bin the new SIM Card

Acknowledgements: MSE People have confirmed this works on here

Credit to charliethirtytwo:

The process now seems to be-
1. Call 5450 from your existing no. & handset
2. They give you an authorisation no. & let you know how much you'll be due
as credit to your EXISTING no.
3. Put your new(free?) sim card into your phone & dial the same no. using
this 'new' sim (for free)
4.They will then ask for auth code (given on the original call), your EXISTING
phone no.,your name, your postcode & house number.
5. They then confirm the amount to be credited in 14 days & advise that the
NEW/FREE SIM CARD no. will be disconnected straight away (so if you
have free or bought credit on this card then USE IT!!!!)
- schizoboy
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Fantastic said I would receive £15 in 14 days.
Cool, i got £2.50!!!
Can you keep doing this with the o2 sims to your original/existing number?
woooooohoooooooo it said i will get £15 aswell hehe

will let u know in 14 day's if i get it!

dude u rule!
Wish I could benefit too all on the free O2 sims i tried all got sim registration failed lol, so long as it benefits other ppl.
Sounds so suspicous! But here's a link to the page describing it:


The T&Cs link doesn't seem to describe it at all so I guess it's OK to do. :? I've got spare SIMs I'll never use, might try it.
ta for link 0d0d
do u need credit to send this message?
i got a fiver thanks
Ta very much. £50 here.
got £20,will come in as a nice xmas present for someone,sim card with £20 credit.
got a fiver thanks a lot )

got £20,will come in as a nice xmas present for someone,sim card with £20 … got £20,will come in as a nice xmas present for someone,sim card with £20 credit.

Doesn't this work by putting credit on an existing SIM card you actually use already and then you bin the new SIM? Or did you manage to get £20 by texting an unused SIM's number from a brand new SIM?
Morning all. Just to let you know that this Topup works on the average amount toped up over the last 9 months on your original PAYG sim.

This can also be used against the purchase of a new phone.

Call 2550 (free from your O2 mobile) and speak with an adviser.

Thanks £5 here to.

So its like this, you nhave an old PAYG on 02, but fance a newer model.
You stay with 02 and buy another PAYG handset
Inside the box is a New SIMcard.
You want to keep your old number as everyone knows it.
So for staying loyal to 02 they let you have a percentage of your previous top ups once you send them the new SIMcard number.
Maybe they should have recorded which SIMS went in boxes, and which get sent out on offers :geek:
Don't forget to vote hot and give people who helped out rep people!
great got a fiver gave my friend one and she got forty five pounds worth will let you no if it worked in 14 days excellent!!!!!!!!!!
Spot on just got a message straight back saying I will receive £5 in 14 days.

20 quid for me thanks
Yeah, but I think you can only do this once per sim card that you use.
So sorry guys does this mean that, from the moment you send the message, you'll have to use the new SIM as a replacement for the old one?
i just got £25 thanks everyone woohoooooooooo
no they disconnect the new number in 14 days and u carry on with your original number x
no they disconnect the new number in 14 days and u carry on with your original number x
hi, my son has just done this with o2 and received £50.00 credit in 14 days time. has anyone tried this with 2 sims. thanks for the tip...
People have had it work with multiple active sims.

Nice to c people voted hot and got it on the front page of the site thanks :thumbsup:
Tried it and got £15..works like a charm... i think i'll try it again in 14 days time AFTER i've gotten the credit through...
thats what my son said, when does the promotion end.......
0d0d had a url, I recall seeing an end date though
hey guys do u need credit to send this message? or is 865555 free?
so you need an O2 sim card with credit first??
thats a shame, i've got loads of new O2 sims without any credit as i never use O2. i would have to top up a card then send a text to another new sim.
WOW i got £45!!! thats great thanks a lot thumbs up to that 1 mate well spotted!! :thumbsup:
So let me get this straight you use one of the free o2 sims and text to the number mentioned in the first post.
Then you will receive free credit?
Also does your existing sim you text from have to be on o2 and also will you keep your original number as well as your original sim.
I tried this with an old, (one lying about the place, less than 2 years old) and it did not work. I got a reply back saying to contact 02 about an upgrade.
Can someone please be kind enough to PM me a O2 number to do this with as I havn't got any other o2 SIM cards appart from the one i use.

Thank You
Thx, works a treat, just got to wait a couple of weeks now. I knew those free sim cards would come in use one day!

I presume it takes 14 days to carry out checks on the SIM card before they disconnect it, or maybe they make sure the sim card isn't used in that time. Otherwise you could text any old number to them and random people would get disconnected.
just got £5... but i'm wondering... can you do this with more than one sim? has anyone tried?
I tried with one of my multitude of o2 sims, the said I could have £5 credit

will try again with another sim once I get this ones credit

would be great if they just keep working again and again
I work for o2 and i'll try to explain how this works.

Basically over 12 months, your top ups are monitored, and for every £50 of top up you make, you get £5 of free "credit".

This accumulates over the 12 months, and can go upto £100 in free credit, OR £100 of any prepay phone from the shop. if you take a phone the counter resets and you can only get another upgrade in 9 months. The credit accumulates immediatley and can be reclaimed they way everyone is doing it, cant from the shops as it requires the purchase of a new phone.

HTH :thumbsup:
Nice one m8 just got a tenner woooooooooooooooot
Am well impressed,, cheers you just made ma day!! mwah xox £15. Bonus. :thumbsup:
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