Up to 50% Off Clearance items @ Saltrock Surfwear !
Up to 50% Off Clearance items @ Saltrock Surfwear !

Up to 50% Off Clearance items @ Saltrock Surfwear !

Check out the small selection of clothes in the Clearance section @ Saltrock Surfwear!

There's mens, womans, and kids items with up to 50% Off! Including: skirts, t-shirts, jackets & bags ...

Lots of really nice items on there, and if you have a good nosey round the site you'll find lots of other items discount (pretty random - not iin any sale section ..)


Nice 1 millarcat: just for peeps to know

Shipping And Handling
Shipping is usually £3.95 for all mainland UK orders, occasionally we have free shipping deals. European orders standard post add £6.95p+p. International orders standard post add £9.95p+p. These are standard charges to an upper weight limit of 5kg for UK delivery and 1kg for international delivery. We will contact you for authorisation before shipping should the p+p exceed these above costs. Surfboards are charged at £20 per board.
Free shipping on £50 +

10% off first order too!

Good deal. Anyone out there know if the match deal is still going, been trying for my third match for a few days now but no good. Boo Hoo


10% off first order too!

And another 10% Quidco:


The Great Match Hunt will end May 15, 2008 or when the vouchers run out!

PLEASE NOTE: This item has just been sold and has been removed from your basket.

That Saltrock site is crawling on its knees.

Looks like someone paid through the nose for a pretty but chocolate teapot like site...

The actual Saltrock stores are great. In Devon, they had 75% off in Feb when I was there, some great bargains to be had. Kids Hoodies for around £4 and such. My little nephew got an ace coat, which was orginally a ridiculous price.

Voted hot.

Ok, just for information;

As some people have discovered we has some issues with our server running really slow yesterday. It's a lot better now but still not 100% I’m afraid so please be patient if you do visit our site. It will be transferred to a different server shortly which should solve the problem altogether. I'm extending the offers anyway so that people who have had problems can get on.

All at Saltrock

Thanks for the posutive comments.

Thank you-I have just ordered some stuff for my boy.

Ordered a couple of items...

10% discount code XXAWINI



Ordered a couple of items...10% discount code XXAWINI

What are the t + C of this voucher? it didnt work for me.........

New 10% discount code JUNE080110 plus all kids wetsuits £19.99
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