Posted 3 October 2022

Up to 50% Off Sale + Extra 20% Off with Newsletter code + Free UK Mainland Delivery on £50 spend (or £5.50) @ Converse

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About this deal

There's up to 50% Off in the Converse midseason sale, with approximately 250 items included in the offer. Sizes are limited on some of the cheaper Converse styles, but there's some nice options with good sizing available.
Get an extra 20% off these items by signing up to the newsletter code at the footer of the page - they will send you a unique code within approximately 5 minutes.

** Once you apply the 20% off code to your basket, it will automatically apply to all applicable products onsite - so you will see the extra discount applied on all items


A few examples:

Chuck 70 Hiking Stitch Unisex High Top was £85.00, now £31.99 using code

Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Cozy Women's Utility High Top was £75.00, now £39.99 using code


Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Bright Plants was £45, now £15.99 using code


Below is a screenshot of the Converse voucher code applying at checkout

Delivery is £5.50 unless spending over £50 then it's free. (UK Mainland only)
Converse offer 30 day free returns

Delivery, Returns, & Help Links

Once your order is placed, you can check on its status at any time by using this link
Converse More details at Converse

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  1. Avatar
    Ordered some shoes from them and after 3 weeks of waiting i contacted them only to get some scum bag talk down to me . Absolutely shocking customer service . I had to wait another week for an email which never arrived then call back only to then have to sign a form to say i didnt recoeve the shoes and im still waiting for a refund . Worst online shopping experience ever
  2. Avatar
    Stupidly expense now they are owned by Nike 😫
    You say that like it was recent, they were bought by Nike nearly 20 years ago now. Only recently have the proces been stupid though.
  3. Avatar
    £15 postage to certain parts of UK including Northern Ireland is an absolute con (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Not worth this price, they were worth it when they were cheap, but the quality has gone down and the price has gone up. These will last 5 minutes before the heel melts away.
  5. Avatar
    Overpriced junk
  6. Avatar
    Rip off for what they are these days. Were always one of my favourite shoes but they're hardy comfortable and cheaply made which used to reflect in the price. Remember when you could buy them for £10-£20 then they went up to £30 and stayed that price for ages, but I see the regular ones for £50 and "premium" ones for like £80 and they're barely any different. I know inflation is to be considered but it's still excessive. Glad I managed to snag a pair of leather Purcell's years ago though which are still going strong
  7. Avatar
    £49.99 for "Sale" items, no thanks.
  8. Avatar
    Normal prices are extortionate these days!
  9. Avatar
    Converse not what they used to be luckily I still have a few pairs from the last sales... Gits
  10. Avatar
    These were £30 when I bought a pair?

    I hardly ever wear them because they sweat and the flat sole is /really/ uncomfortable,
    they look nice though
    I definitely remember when they were £30 but that was 15-20 years ago...time flies
  11. Avatar
    So many ugly designs, no wonder they're on sale. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Not for me. A 'worn' look pair, was £90 reduced to £55, then because I live in the Highlands no free delivery so £15. £70 for a pair of pumps isn't a deal.
  13. Avatar
    These are still too expensive
  14. Avatar
    Ah the good old “filter by size”, which then shows loads of options not in the specified range!
  15. Avatar
    Originally 95 quid for trainers that look worn . Really !

  16. Avatar
    I prefer them since bought by Nike..far better quality and soles far more supportive and comfortable especially the elasticated uppers.
    Nike bought them in 2003, so odds are they've been this quality for a long time.
  17. Avatar
    lol its the £15 delivery charge to NI that annoys me yet any other nike product its free !
  18. Avatar
    Bloody idiots cancelled my order lol