Up to 60% off Selected Kids & Adults Bikes at Amazon.co.uk

Up to 60% off Selected Kids & Adults Bikes at Amazon.co.uk

Found 4th Mar 2008Made hot 4th Mar 2008
Some really good prices here, I have ordered:

Raleigh Daisy 14" Girls Bike was £79.99 now £29.99

Raleigh Eclipse 20" Unisex Folding Bike was £169.99 now £69.99

Free delivery!


wow the Daisy chain is wonderful. I have worked for Halfords and Evans cycles and at 29.99 this is a steal. Just mak sure when building you sort the rear brake first before putting on the dolly seat. Don't forget to greese the pedals, seat post and stem.

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Thanks for the advice - will pass it on to hubby - no doubt he will try to assemble without reading the instructions :roll: ;-)

Have ordered one for my daughter's birthday, great find thanks

Is the eclipse suitable for adults? voted hot

Thinking of getting a bike. What's the best men's bike out of that lot?

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Yes apparently it is suitable for adults even though it says "age 7 and over" (although I guess it might not be so good if you are really tall).

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Both bikes arrived today - impressed with free supersaver delivery as I only ordered 2 days ago!

I have assembled the folding bike very easily, and although it is suitable for adults I don't think my other half would fit it - so good for the ladies. It fits me fine, I am 5ft 6in.

Just checked Amazon and it's shame that they have now increased the price to £99.99!!!
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