Up to 70% off B&Q Garden Furniture
B&Q currently have up to 70% off their garden furniture range.

Some great bargains to be had.

Most seem to be Reserve & Collect.


Thanks for that. Brilliant prices now. Wanted the Lille set, but managed to hold off. Will collect tomorrow. table and four chairs for the original price of the table. reviews are all sound as well.

Your best calling the store before collecting, the reserve and collect system is terrible with this sort of thing.

Excellent price.

problem is alot of it is shoddy quality and youll back on here next year ordering the same stuff

saw the romsey table and chairs (wasnt interested in buying it) but was amazed at how poor it was....cheap but still not worth it...reckon it will last the summer at best

thanks!! reserved a bench down from 50 sovs to 14.95, happy wiv that

Good good. Got some spare chairs ordered so the kids won't take the decent chairs.


Your best calling the store before collecting, the reserve and collect … Your best calling the store before collecting, the reserve and collect system is terrible with this sort of thing.

agreed, they dont 'reserve' it for you.....they use a similar cant be bothered system they use at pcworld and comet

the reserve system is terrible. It's confusing on-line as they seem to claim you can reserve but then they don't let you. Always phone the store first: they had gazebos showing as 'in stock' in 3 stores near me, when i phoned to check they were in stock each stored said they sold out of gazebos weeks ago!

Some really good deals to be had, wish I'd have known, got table a chairs for garden there last week and now they are £20 cheaper!

well having just got back with some of the items i had reserved.

they messed up on the order ( no suprise) i phoned and double checked before setting out and was again told it was all there and waiting in the cage.

i turned up and one of the items ( the only thing i was actually bothered about) was out of stock and they had put a different tyoe of chair in its place.

i was not happy.

i eventually left the shop with 2 chichester recliners for the same price as a pack of 2 chichester arm chairs.

the nandos piri piri sauces scan at 50p for the double pack rather than the shelf price of £1.99

one staff member was helpful but knew nothing, another staff member saw the mistake but then was not helpful in sorting the problem as i had driven 15 miles to get there which i neednt have done as my local one had the other items all on the presumption that having double checked.. it would be enough.

the chap begrudgingly put the chairs through at the reduced price, but only after 50 minutes of me not being happy at being fobbed off.

he wanted to know which member of staff i spoke with on the phone ( despite showing him my phone which showed the numbeer i called and the time and date), i described the womans voice but that still wasnt enough.
only when i started mentioning area managers to the helpful member of staff did it get sorted.

they need to either do it properly or not at all.

Another glowing review of the reserve and collect system. The stock system is just nowhere near accurate or dynamic enough to do it properly.

Will have a butchers at my local one tonight
Went in there yesterday (Thursday), looking at a set of table and chairs, then a member of staff walked by and shouted that it will be 70% off tomorrow (as in Friday 6th), so I left it for now.

Brilliant deal. Picked up Lille table and chairs today. The reserve system worked well and items waiting for me on trolley. Only problem was they also included a Romsey two seater bench which I discovered on the trolley at the car. I was honest and returned it to the store to a grateful assistant.

Jut picked up a Boston table from Cwmbran and chairs from Newport. Cwmbran have 3 of the larger rectangle Boston tables left if anyone is after one of them.
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