Up to 70% off stationery @ Sainsburys
Up to 70% off stationery @ Sainsburys

Up to 70% off stationery @ Sainsburys

Instore in the Telford store today included pens, notebooks rulers, tipex etc.

I got basic rubbers 5p reduced from 19p
Basic Post it notes 8p
c4 Envelopes 29p from 99p
A6 Pukka pad 89p

Sainsburys and branded stuff quite a lot of choice but not everything on offer.

No idea if its nationwide or not


In the Saltcoats branch too- so must be nationwide.

At our Sainsbury it's still 100% to be stationary

Coventry (Canley) store, have stock. heat added.

loads at denton

great thanks

Stationary = not moving
Stationery = envelopes / paper etc

There are a few things left in the Wigan branch

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spelling police out again i see


They are having new lines in and getting rid of the old stock cheap which is why its nation wide.

I work there and ours (lincoln) was changed about 3 days ago, we get lots asking if we will be getting anymore in, the answer is no when its gone its gone


spelling police out again i see

He he - sorry but I used to work in a Stationery company so that is a pet hate of mine lol.

Caught the local paper spelling it wrongly a couple of days ago as well

P.s. voted hot

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Some stuff left in shrewsbury today as well
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