Up to 75% of Babies/kids accessories at Boots instore

Up to 75% of Babies/kids accessories at Boots instore

Found 9th Sep 2009Made hot 10th Sep 2009
They had to keep checking with head office, but as they clear their shelves for Christmas they have stuff upto 75% off. It must be nationwide as they had to check with head office.
Got a £40 (boots.com/en/…24/ buggy) for £10 and some soft folding Lindam bedrails for a £5 from £20, A Fisher Price musical potty £12 from £32 A hipseat for £15 fro £60. Thebabasling bby carrier (http://www.boots.com/en/BabaSling-Baby-Sling-Carrier-Midnight-Black_52834/) £40 down to £10 (the mrs has been after one of these for ages and the cheapest price for any type of sling was £30 and loads of other stuff.


I'm sure someone posted this last week.

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It did not come up on the search and as the people in store were just starting to do it as they were only informed today. The kids toys were on offer 2 weeks ago, but nowhere near as goos a discount.

All 75% reduced childrens wear has been taken down further today in my local store, now everything is mostly either £1 or £2 with few sets for £3 - £5

my local started at 2pm yesterday i was there at 6pm and everything was almost gone, the lady on till said the staff took loads of stuff when they seen the prices looks like it was good stuff if you can get it

Which store was this eye will, I tried all my local stores today and they had either no sale on or not a lot left, did manage to get a maclaren for half price £60 tho.

the mrs bagged a tomee tipee baby monitor for £27 down from £110. proper bargain and we was looking for one aswell.

maybe if you spend over £75 on this you'd be able also to get the 50% off all virgin active gyms deal that i posted, this'd be great. double discounts :-)

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