Up to 75% off back to school clothes at tesco. Trousers,polo shirts,jumpers and dresses etc

Up to 75% off back to school clothes at tesco. Trousers,polo shirts,jumpers and dresses etc

Found 14th Sep 2012
Just been to Tesco Warrington and noticed they had quite a lot of back to school clothes at least 50% off.
I managed to pick up 6 pairs of trousers for the kids next year with 75% off for just £9.
I asked the sales assistant who seemed to think it was nationwide. She appeared a little disgruntled about the fact she had rafts of the stuff in the warehouse and was only allowed two full racks of the clothes on the shopfloor.
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I should imagine this is an instore deal only.
Can confirm in Bramley/Leeds as I saw them the other day but they didn't have the sizes/coulours I wanted.Saw 3 pack shirts £1.50 blue or grey,2 pack white t-shirts £1 and 2 pack of trousers for £2.Heat added xx
I've heard mixed info about the supermarkets that sell school uniforms, some are little reduced some are heavily reduced. It also depends on the colours, schools closer to that store, if a jumper is navy, the navy ones won't be reduced. I picked up some P.E white T shirts 2 pack for £1 though in Tesco and most other school uniform in there not heavily reduced,like I said depends on the colours of the school dresses and jumpers and cardigans.
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They had loads of navy jumpers in smaller sizes that should have been £4 and were priced down to £1.
To be honest they only worth a £1 at Tesco. I find Tesco and Asda school uniform bad quality for the jumpers and cardigans and average for the other stuff like trousers and skirts. Sainsbury's I find good for school clothing so I went there for most my daughters uniforms,when the 25% off clothing is on it's good value and I got a fair bit from M&S Outlets, plenty in there for £2-3 an item before Sept term starts.
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