Up to 75% off PC Games (preview of all daily deals from 16th-30th April) @ Direct2Drive
Once again, another preview of the last half of the 30 days of deals over at Direct2Drive. Ranging from 25% - 75% off including some recently released titles. Like last time I have not listed the title prices until they come on offer as prices will fluctuate slightly.

April 16th - Alien v Predator - £3.75 (75% OFF)
April 17th - Dead Space 2 (25% OFF)
April 18th - The Sims 3 (50% OFF)
April 19th - Magicka (50% OFF)
April 20th - Empire Total War (75% OFF)
April 21st - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (25% OFF)
April 22nd - Civilization V (40% OFF)

April 23rd - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam (50% OFF)
April 24th - Bulletstorm (50% OFF)
April 25th - Amnesia: The Dark Descent (75% OFF)
April 26th - DC Universe Online (50% OFF)
April 27th - Test Drive 2 Unlimited (50% OFF)
April 28th - Napoleon Total War (75% OFF)
April 29th - RIFT (30% OFF)
April 30th - Two Worlds II (50% OFF)

If anyone spots any errors, let me know.




Can these be activated on steam?

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Can these be activated on steam?

Quite a few of them can, and they can be found on this list:


amnesia looks to be a good price, not reduced at the moment so can only be based on the 12.95 price they have atm giving ~ 3.24
others dont look as good as the last bunch i think?

26.25 for deadspace 2 - poor
tomorrows deal for sims 3 should be good though @15 quid or so

has been citiesXL for the past 2 days not vietnam or bulletstorm

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