Up to 75% Off Selfridges Hampers Online - from £13.75!

Up to 75% Off Selfridges Hampers Online - from £13.75!

Found 20th Jan 2009
Massive reductions on these hampers from Selfridges, with some great contents! I think these would still make pretty good valentines gifts! Delivery is approx £7.00

Prices start from just £13.75 for what was originally a £55 hamper, and goes up to £44 for what was originally a £175 hamper! Bargainous!
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Hot - shame about the delivery charges.
In my opinion they were massively overpriced to begin with.
some of these are still over priced but good find. Rep added.
hot, but the right price now not before, well overpriced!!!!
Ooh they stick it to you with the delivery charges and the contents aren't on a par with the Tesco deal :?
is it available in storE?
£7.50 delivery charge! Also not impressed with the contents and would only really buy for the basket.
I got some reduced hampers from tesco , wish i never bothered , stuff in it i wouldnt usually eat and it was mostly full of high fat and cals which i try to avoid! .....only got them cause they were cheap & come with some wine....wouldnt bother again though
Delivery £7.50 - £8.50
Them hampers look like the normal price for the junk whats in them
There is not one hamper there I would pay that supposed 75% off price for. Nothing compaired to the Tesco or the M&S Hampers. Another 50% off needed to make it bargain, and even then with the postage I would still think twice!

Hot - shame about the delivery charges.

yea-not knocking the OP-but a £10 surcharge for delivery to the IOM-that makes delivery more expensive than the hamper !
Awesome find
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