Up to 75% Off Summer Sale online @ Rushbox (Surfwear)
Up to 75% Off Summer Sale online @ Rushbox (Surfwear)

Up to 75% Off Summer Sale online @ Rushbox (Surfwear)

Looks like there are plenty of bargains to be had if you're into this style of clothing


looked at several items, on each one, XL is 36" chest. Couldn't see anything bigger out of all the items I looked at.

This clothing is clearly what we all need.

You can hardly go anywhere in the UK without having to duck when that inadvertent surfer turns quickly forgetting his board.

There must be a vast unmet market for kitting out these latter day Jesus wanna-bees who strive to walk on water.

Clearly I am still one of the great unlightened - as the stuff just looks like overpriced T-shirts to me.


Terrible sale.

WHAT??? are guys blind, this sale is ace. i have been looking for some shoes that i had seen in the shops for ages, my friend recommended that i try looking on rushbox and i not only found the exact ones that i wanted at Rushbox but also got them £15 cheaper!!!! i then also ordered a Roxy top and skirt and saved a total of £35......Not bad!!!
Plus i ordered them at 2.30pm on tuesday and they arrived on wednesday morning.

Will definately be shopping here again
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