Up to 80% off Clothes - T-Shirt Sweater Hoodies Jeans Shorts, Mens, Womens, Urban

Up to 80% off Clothes - T-Shirt Sweater Hoodies Jeans Shorts, Mens, Womens, Urban

Found 5th Jun 2007
Chemical Records.

This shop have a great sale on right now, with a good selection for guys and girls. Probably catering for the younger shopper! Or the more trendy granddads out there.

Some cool accessories also. Check it out.
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Have you shopped @ chemical-records jonny ?
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of course. i got the email
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Sorry i should say yes I have shopped there about a year ago. Was fine. They do CD's also, but for hoodies, drunknmunky and the like they were excellent.

Last thing I bought was DJ Fresh Space Invaders album - worth a listen
gorgeous clothing wow thanks for that
I love this site! How on earth is a girl supposed to decide what to buy when so many bargains are to be had???? This is great, cant believe I never knew about this place!!
Voted hot, thanks:-D
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excellent, glas you liked it. i wonder if prices will come down any further?

Nice one. Some cheapo x-large tees for me and some stuff for the wife!

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They're down the road from me. They've been going for years so should be pretty reputable. They've got some decent stuff. Heat added.
[CENTER][SIZE="4"]Don't know who told 'em they could use pictures of me on this shirt?!?!?![/SIZE]
Nice find - good to see they have the THTC Range Hemp Tees available too!
Voted hot hot hot :-D
Thanx OP you just made me spend £60 quid I don't have

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