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Up to 80% off the Sale prices starting from 99p

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2522 Choices prices Starting as low as 99p

Asymmetric Thin Strap Short Dress
GBP 5.99 was GBP 29.95

Bandeau Top
GBP 0.99 was GBP 4.95

Structured Waterfall Singlet
GBP 1.99 GBP 9.95


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  1. danch's avatar
    They charge a return fee of minimum 4,95 GBP. If you return more than 4 items from your order, you will be charged 1 GBP per extra item
    DealStacker's avatar
    Would my statutory rights be affected? If they are and UK law applies then it's still possible to get free returns if you know what to say (edited)
  2. b4dr1's avatar
    Any body has experience buying from this brand? How is the quality of the material - is it more like use and throw and after one wash it shows the true colours in terms of shrinking and fading (edited)
    ScorchingHot's avatar
    Probably; looks like a load of tat to me!
  3. anita1970's avatar
    I've never heard about this brand, and I'm REALLY into my clothes. So, curious, I clicked on the link and had a look. I would never pay the alleged full prices, and I'm not even sure about the discounted ones, because everything looks like it's from Shein. Am I completely wrong? Does anyone buy from this website, and is it actually great quality? Answers on a postcard, please!
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