Up to 80% off Xmas goodies on the Cadbury site!
Up to 80% off Xmas goodies on the Cadbury site!

Up to 80% off Xmas goodies on the Cadbury site!

I wait for this every Jan! And then every May for the Easter one! Most things have a short shelf life but let's face it, chocolate and sweets taste great for a long time!

Includes buttons, wispa minis, snowballs etc.

From 15p!!


£7.19 for tin of heros, freezing.


£7.19 for tin of heros, freezing.

+ £3.95 for delivery!

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I hear you. Not all items are worth bothering with. But when you look at price per gram there are some good deals.

looks expensive

in fairness to OP, christmas super fun pack looks value

Outrageously expensive delivery prices though. £5.50 for an order over £10! Con artists... and no doubt someone will be along soon to complain about how their chocolate isn't as good as it used to be (not that I would disagree)

Loving the £7.50 milk tray or 2 for £7. Expensive delivery but some bargains there if you're planning a few things.

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So cold!!? Just sharing a few cheap treats maaan! If you stock up on the cheaper items - for your "not wasting money in the corner shop" treat box and stay under £10, your delivery is £3.95. Really worth the ❄️?? And my first post too!

These are more expensive than Tesco ever was before Christmas. No deal.

I like the way you can buy a pack of 9 Xmas tree chocolate decorations for 30p, but then you can purchase a box of 12 packs for a fiver!
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