up to 85% off flash sale TheBookPeople
the horrid Henry collection shown in image is £20

£5 off £30 - WEEKEND30

free gift over £40 - GIFT40

Free delivery over £25


For info, the same set from the same seller (the book people) is £23 on Amazon so don't get caught up in the "flash sale" hype. The RRP is ridiculous

Use code AFBOX10 to get 10% off which makes it £18. Mind delivery is £2.95 or free on orders over £25.

I swear I've seen this box set in The Works; can't remember the price, but I doubt it was more than £20.

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I think it's usually about £35 (or £1 each from poundshop sometimes), not on the works website so can't check how much there. Though the post was supposed to just be about the sale in general, not a specific item,I just used an image as an example, and put price in case anyone wondered. Though my title has been changed/updated as though I'm just singling this item out as the deal.

£20 in store at Costco too, for those that are members. I bought a set there a few weeks ago.
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