Up to 8Mb Broadband, Anytime Talk & Tiscali TV £24.99

Up to 8Mb Broadband, Anytime Talk & Tiscali TV £24.99

Found 2nd Oct 2007
Free set top box and free wireless router included!

Package benefits
Up to 8Mb unlimited broadband*
Free UK & international anytime calls
Free phone line rental
TV Variety Pack - over 60 TV & radio channels
such as ITV2, Sky One and Paramount
Over 350 on demand programmes
Instant access to over 1,000 movies
Free 7 day BBC, C4 and FX catch up service

A bundle of big value entertainment
This fantastic value Broadband and TV package comes with TV Variety Pack which gives you over 60 digital TV and radio channels. You also get the UK's biggest movie on demand service with 1,000 films available to watch instantly, plus free on demand programmes with top UK and US drama series such as Dr Who, Friends, Spooks, Panorama, Casualty and much more! * Fair usage policy applies.
Free UK calls to 01 and 02 numbers.
Free international landline calls to Tiscali top 10 destinations. Calls to listed destinations are for up to 60 minutes.



Tiscali, barge pole, don't touch - HERE HERE! Tiscali are fine until you have a problem....


ISP Axis of … ISP Axis of Evil:PipexOrangeTiscaliAOLCPWhttp://www.thinkbroadband.com/archive/1.html?q=tiscalihttp://www.ispreview.co.uk/light.php?search=tiscalihttp://www.ispreview.co.uk/light3.php?search=tiscaliWouldn't touch Tiscali with a 5million km long barge pole.

I have been with many ISP's over the last 10 years, Tiscali is without doubt the worst of the worst..... 5 million km barge pole, make that 10 million!!!

Tiscali Have The Worst Service Ever.

Keep Well Clear

Damn, and they bought homechoice. Was hoping they'd do the necessary and do the service some good

Tiscali are known to throttle back your speed, I have tested 4 of my colleagues speed on tiscali and they all get 1/2 of the advertised "up to" rate....

madly off topic but I'm just about to renew/change my bt broadband - what do people recommend (feel free to PM)

bbc survey: bbc.co.uk/con…tml

Tiscali doing very bad, Global doing fantastic!

i rather get the plague than join with tiscali. they always have most complaints, generally bout customer service(well lack off) over billing, disconnecting all the time, g the list is endless.
if anyone signs up for these they need serious professional help:giggle:

In my line of work I come across more complaints about Tiscali than any other provider. They are aggressive rouges in my opinion!

Up to 8Mb unlimited broadband*

*Broadband will actually be 2mb with teatime surfing at 100kbps.
Try to use any p2p service and we'll instantly knock your speed down to 30kbps.
We'll then blame it on spyware, your pc, p2p, your dog, anyone but us.

I had shocking service like that on tiscali, i moved, pay a bit more but my speeds now up to 6mb.


we've got tiscali for our ISP, never had a problem with them. but i woud … we've got tiscali for our ISP, never had a problem with them. but i woud avoid the telephone side of the package, BT works out at have the price for option 1 & 2. our monthly bills with tiscali were always over £50+ ( supposed to be on same as bt option1) left tiscali gone back to be and now our monthly bills are £25+ never over £35

As the current deals do involve telephone as part of the deal, then you agree they are a problem?
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