Up to half price sale and Spring Saver lines (£100 off selected Divans) + Other Offers @ Bensons for Beds

Up to half price sale and Spring Saver lines (£100 off selected Divans) + Other Offers @ Bensons for Beds

Found 26th Apr 2012
Just received an email from Bensons for Beds regarding a Sale they currently have running on site, they also have quite a few other offers running too. I have purchased various products from Bensons for Beds and have always been pleased with the quality and price of the products. I recently purchased a single mattress for my little boy, and went into store to test it out, and they offered me a discount to price match online which was an added bonus. Mattress is soo comfy and my little boy sleeps like an angel!

Divan Offers with £100 off are as follows:

- Orthocare Pocket - £499 - £100 Off = £399
- Energise - £599 - £100 Off = £499
- Imperial Ortho - £699 - £50 Off = £649
- Madrid - £1049 - £100 Off = £949
- Backcare Royal - £599 - £50 Off = £549
- Raffles - £999 - £100 Off = £899
- Serene - £299 - £30 Off = £269
- Savoy - £1099 - £10 Off = £999
- Enrich - £899 - £100 Off = £799

Few other offers available online:

Extra 10% Off Bed Frames - exclusive online only,
Extra 10% Off Mattresses - exclusive online only,
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Just my own tuppence worth here - I would definitely not recommend Bensons for Beds!
I bought a big fancy king size mattress from them a couple of years ago - the thing was originally priced at around £900, but due to "sales", it was reduced to about £450.
Had the mattress only a few months and it had major sagging where me and my partner lay, so I got in contact with them.
Cut a long story short, it took me threatening legal action for them to replace the item....and the replacement is doing exactly the same!
They wont even entertain any questions on the item now.

On the whole, I found them to be an awful company to deal with.....after they took my money, of course!!

Anyone I've spoken to who is looking for a new bed or mattress, I always steer them clear of these cowboys!

Like I said, just my tuppence worth - others have probably had a decent experience with them, but I would never buy from them again
And he's not the only one!!!!
Read reviews: http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews85559.html

Company's who give poor customer service, can't hide now, thanks to the internet!!!
I used to work for Bensons...

the 'sale' is on 48 out of 52 weeks a year, legally they have to sell the beds in 20% of their outlets at full price for only 4 weeks a year - bargains they are not!

If you want bed buying advice, go for pocket-spring And / or memory foam - avoid latex as it heats you up, any other spring system gives you a roll together experience.

Finally bit of advice, negotiate - the salespeople are on commission and have an allowance to deal with, don't be fobbed off with free pillows or duvets as they are the lowest quality.

And negotiate on the £40-50 delivery charge too....
Do not buy from Bensons for Beds!

Bensons for Beds are the worst store we have ever dealt with. The warranty is worthless, I apologise to anyone who works there but buy at your own peril.

We bought a full bedroom set (Super-King size Bed, 2 bedside tables, chest of drawers and Memory foam mattress) The bed was damaged when it arrived, they eventually sent some spare parts, but originally suggested we return the entire bed (imagine dismantling a super king size bed twice), the mattress was appalling and sagged massively within 2 years, we eventually received a replacement, but at 75% of the original cost as Bensons accepted liability but would not offer a full replacement.

Just look on the interweb if you have any thoughts about buying from Bensons, there are hundreds of dissatisfied customers, and I am one.

Do not buy from Bensons for Beds!
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