Upgrade and get 10% of spend on Virgin Mobile
Upgrade and get 10% of spend on Virgin Mobile

Upgrade and get 10% of spend on Virgin Mobile

If you are an existing customer 10% of the money you have spent to date (up to a max of 2 years back) will count as a discount on your upgrade.

e.g spend in last 2 years = £150
this will qualilify you for £10 off the price of a new phone. I rang virgin to discuss this. I could either pay £3 and get the phone shipped to me, or the discount was avaiable over the counter at a virgin megastore.

Here comes the science


Pay As You Go

Time for a new phone? If you Pay As You Go, every penny you spend counts towards your next mobile.

* For every £100 you spend on calls and messages, or bundles, we'll give you £10 towards your next phone.
* You can earn up to £100 off any new phone in our range.
* See how much you have to spend by visiting Your Account, anytime you like.

After just 3 months of joining Virgin Mobile, you can upgrade with Virgin Mobile Red when you like. No other network lets you do that. There are no extra fees and no extra catches - just one great offer for all our customers.
Pay Monthly

If you Pay Monthly, you get the best of both worlds!

* You'll get a free phone when your contract's up and you sign up again, or your monthly payments go down - guaranteed.
* Plus, every penny you spend on calls and messages counts towards a new Pay As You Go phone. Perfect for passing on to your friends or family for cheaper calls and texts, day or night!

Get more back

And the good stuff doesn't stop there. As a Virgin Mobile customer you can get more rewards, more discounts and more special treatment - no matter how you pay. Visit Your Account and find out more.

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