Upgrade the size of the bouquet for nothing (Pricing Glitch) - Home Bargains Flowers

Upgrade the size of the bouquet for nothing (Pricing Glitch) - Home Bargains Flowers

Found 31st Aug 2017
I have just been ordering some flowers and noticed that it allows you to increase the bouquet size i upgraded to medium size which is £3 increase in price but when i came to pay the amount payable had not changed from 14.99 the original price, i then went back to upgrade to large which is an extra £6 and the same happened again no change to price.

This is no doubt a glitch so if your wanting flowers get ordering before its fixed.
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Which bouquet as I have tried a few and pricing showing correctly
Not voting either way but the reviews aren't great for these.
Flowers were terrible worth about £2 very bad quality flower all brown, dying and broken when we got them delivered
Good find, Heat added. Thank you
Awful flowers, arrived half dead, had to argue to get a refund despite sending photos of the dead flowers 😩 would steer clear
I've sent three bouquets through this company. First two not bad third bunch died within a day so wouldn't risk using them again. In all fairness the only time sending flowers to people has worked well is by looking up the nearest florist to where the the person lives and ringing them and discuss the options and delivery. It's worked well for me doing it that way, no middlemen involved.
Fixed now
Always use them now and they are amazing . It might be because I leave it till the last min and they are based in Bridgend which is in Wales about 40 miles away and I send most of my flowers toppl who live in Wlaes so I don't know. I have no axe to grind I am sure some of you have had bad experiences but speak as we find .
You will NOT get the upgrade !

I paid for the medium upgrade a few weeks ago and still they sent the standard bunch

Good price and supplied by: prestigeflowers.co.uk/?gc…BwE

Problems i had with the order= No reply to emails at all from home bargains flowers team and no one answers the phone (even home bargains head office could not get a reply from them via email or phone) order just stated 'flowers ordered and for when' but NO other details at all even though i upgraded to a medium bunch but that was ignored and standard size was sent.
The delivery was 100%, on time and tractable (but only on the day of delivery) from dxdelivery.com.
The flowers arrived and were ok for the price but not great, they lasted 3-4 day's before drooping n dying
So home bargains are just the 'middle man' and have NO customer care with flower orders AT ALL

From home bargains head office (not home bargains flowers team):

(Home Bargains Support)

11 Aug, 16:04 BST


I'm afraid I'm yet to hear back from the customer service manager at the flower team, however, I will chase this for you again. Have you heard from them today?

Kind Regards,

(Home Bargains Support)

13 Aug, 13:59 BST


I'm sorry that they have not been in touch. I have been able to get another number for the Home Bargains Flower department. The number is 01422 400 953. If you do not hear from them within the next few hours, I would suggest calling the number today or tomorrow for an update.
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It added the £6 at checkout with me.
These flowers are rubbish dont waste your money.
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