Upgrade to Samsung phones and trade in old phone for discounted Galaxy Tablets £85

Upgrade to Samsung phones and trade in old phone for discounted Galaxy Tablets £85

Found 28th Feb 2013
Samsung are doing a deal for anyone that upgrades to a Galaxy S III, Note II or S III mini. You trade in your own smartphone for varying discounts off tablets and cameras.

I traded in my woeful Blackberry 9700 for a £75 discount, making a a Galaxy Tab 2 7" Wifi £85 including shipping.

An ideal deal for anyone who plans to upgrade to a Samsung device and wants rid of their terrible old phone.

Full details are on the linked website.
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If this is the same offer they was running before they give you terrible trade in prices for everything
Doesnt have a samsung purchase date for the qualifying phonea so does that mean you can trade in a phone for the tablet offer?

My note 2 purchased November last year.
Ah its a mazuma type jobby?
I can't find any cutoff dates for the purchase of the new phone, all it says in the t's and c's is this:

Participants who have purchased a new (i.e. not second hand) Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, or Galaxy Note II mobile device from a UK retailer or mobile network will be able to trade in one of a number of selected smart phones to receive (depending on the smart phone traded in) either a free or a discounted Samsung product. Products available include a Galaxy Tab2 7, a Galaxy Tab2 10.1, a Galaxy Note 10.1, a Galaxy S WIFI, a Galaxy Camera, a WB250 Camera and an NX 1000 Camera.

So worth a try for whenever you bought the phone. All you need is the IMEI number of the phone no purchase proof or anything.

Some trade in prices aren't great but others are very close to ebay prices, saves you the hassle of selling on your old phone. I was particularly worried about selling my Blackberry as it breaks so often that anyone buying it would probably return it for a refund!
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pile of p@@ 38.00 htc desire old but 38.00
I like the way if I trade in my Samsung Galaxy S2 I get the Galaxy Tab 2 7" Wifi for free looks tempting. Have some heat
Glad at least a few people can read!
This looks great for me

Just got a free upgrade to an S3, really want a tablet so gonna trade in my S2 and buy the Galaxy tab 2 10.1 for £90
I think the best offer is to get the NX1000 for free with S2 trade in,
starnge one this, when I try to enter my details etc
I get told its a duplicate address ??

struggleing to complete this page

trying to get rid of Blackberry Torch 9800
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