Upload Your Childs Artwork for a FREE Crayola Art Pack

Upload Your Childs Artwork for a FREE Crayola Art Pack

Found 21st Jul 2010
Showcase your child's artistic talent and get a fantastic Crayola Art Pack for free, courtesy of NESQUIK®! All you have to do is send us a picture of their artwork and we'll get your pack in the post. The best entries will be featured in the gallery below.
Grand Prize
Each month a professional designer will also pick a winner for the grand prize. This month you could win entry to the National Space Centre, for a family of four, plus £225 towards travel and spending money!
Click through the gallery to see what others have created and vote for your favourite entry.





won't let me add heat.?

Enetered successfully - thanks. Vote for Milly Age 3, Southampton (dodgy looking monster face) if ur visiting site please!



Just to note the children have to be 4-10 years old to enter, when I put my two in, I put the age they were when the made the pictures so had to resubmit even though it accepted the first time just encase they don't get the packs lol thought I could end up with 4 packs arriving, althought I didn't know how much of an address they needed so hope they arrive ok.

is this working for anyone else?

This is the link here

just enterd

Uploaded my sons picture a few weeks ago and have not received the free gift.

Foodie06, i uploaded my ones pictures and they are in the gallery and haven't recieved the packs yet but got this email last wed:

Hello there, We just wanted to thank you for your recent entry to the … Hello there, We just wanted to thank you for your recent entry to the competition on the Nesquik Imagination Station. Your entry was really great and we want to let you know that, even if you do not see your child's artwork in our gallery, every piece of artwork is being considered for our monthly prize. Because of the huge amount of entries we have had we are unable to put everyone's artwork on the gallery but you may still be in with a chance of winning and your free art pack will be with you soon,With warm regards Nesquik Imagination Station

Hopefully shou;d get them soon but as with all free gifts it takes weeks, if not months, but it free and im sure they will arrive soon.

Just to let whoever still checks this, I recieve mine today!

i never got free art pack


i never got free art pack

Did you get an email like the one above?

If so then you should get one, it's taken months to come but hopefully you should get one soon.

yea ive sent them an email, letting them no i never got it. i sent away for the art pack in july my 2 kids posted there pictures in. whats the art pack like you get much in it?

This is what you get:


It's a small pack but haven't opened it yet so not sure what all is inside but they are being sold for about £4 each online.

I sent off for mine in July too but you just have to be patient when it's free things.

Got mine today, and havent had the above email (unless I got it a long time ago and cant remember?
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