Upright Fan Heater, 2000W/2kW,  Pro Elec FH203D - £6.59 Delivered @ CPC

Upright Fan Heater, 2000W/2kW, Pro Elec FH203D - £6.59 Delivered @ CPC

Found 15th Nov 2014
2kW Upright Fan Heater

£6.59 including delivery

Dimensions: 262mm x 220mm x 130mm
Colour: white
Weight: 1.135kg

Thermal cut-out protection
Adjustable room thermostat
Carry handle
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Running costs are:

1 "unit" (kWh) each hour on half power (1kW) setting
2 "units" (kWh) each hour on full power (2kW) setting

If your electricity rate is 15p/unit, the running cost will be:
15p/hour to run at half power
30p/hour to run at full power

(thanks to laserface for tip re the 1kW setting)
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does anyone own one? are these any good?
I continue to be amazed (in a good way) at some of the prices for things that CPC sell. I've had mains powered 18 LED floodlights, which work very well, off them for three quid a piece. This looks like another one of their bargains.
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Re the running cost - they can be set at 1kw or 2kw output so cost will depend on the setting you use.
I bought one as an emergency back up - always useful in case the boiler packs up and at this price its a bargain - currently £16 on amazon

does anyone own one? are these any good?

Arrived yesterday - have only used it once but seems good - heat started within seconds

Doesn't seem to be mentioned in the advert - but this fan also has:
- "cool" air setting as well as 2 heat level settings
- a tilt-switch in the base, so if you knock it over, it cuts the power automatically
(as soon as the base is no longer touching the floor, the power is cut and the fan turns off)
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I bought mine from Argos at £12 a month ago, this is a good deal.8)

Anyone know what the warranty is on this item?
Great price, always comments about the efficiency of these though

Anyone know what the warranty is on this item?

For £6.59, does it really matter?
great!! cheers!!
2KW of heat from me lol.
seems it's gone cheaper. mines from b and q and I don't like it.

Anyone know what the warranty is on this item?

1 year

CPC returns service has always been fast and efficient the very few times i've had to use it :-)
Got one from tesco for £10, using clubcard £5, it look exact the same as this so v good price
ordered. thanks.
tesco ones are very noisy. that texet brand I think.
Thanks. Keep posting .. ordered mine .. heat added
Ordered yesterday after 6pm and it arrived today.
received mine today
not very good at warming up honestly even on heat setting blowing cold air. only feels warm if your right next to it. a bit pointless. hot water bottle much more useful and less expensive in cost and electricity bills.
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