Upsy Daisy Dressing Gowns £1!!!! And more @ Primark

Upsy Daisy Dressing Gowns £1!!!! And more @ Primark

Found 1st Feb 2010
I was in my local Primark in Cambridge today and they had a whole rail of Upsy Daisy gowns reduced down to a fantastic £1!!!

There is also some red dalmation print ones, plain pink and I'm sure I spotted Hannah Motanna as well!

Loads of childrens PJ's have gone down to just £2 and they have added more items to their sale rails I pick up loads of stuff for my daughter who is currently size 18-23 months at £2 a few even £1!!! I stocked up a few 2-3 yrs for next winter!!!

Was instore today and that had got more stock in the rail was jam packed with them again for anyone still wanting to get one!
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Oh might have a poke for the PJ's
Def worth a look they had shelves full of the pj's!
gotta love our new store in Cambridge - it was about flipping time we had somewhere reasonably priced to shop, even if it is disposable clothing - lol
Lol! Too right about havin somewhere reasonably priced in cambridge!!! U don't wanna fork out a fortune on clothes for toddlers they tend to be fit for the bin wen they are thru with them anyways haha
My wife was in the cambridge store today as well, and bought some nice kids fleece Pj's for £2 a pair
Primark PJ don't fit right, the top is normally too small and the bottom are way too long or big, so can't really wear them as pair. I rather pay a little bit more in Next sale ( work out about £3 a pair PJ)
oooo, can't wait. I'm going shopping for my birthday on Friday!!! save some goodies for me!! xx

PS. It's my birthday today!!!
Thanks got my little ones quite a few pairs and spent far too much money.
went in y'day (monday) and got the upsy daisy dressing gown, was reduced to £4 in redditch, still a bargain
A little birdy told me they have more in the stock room to go out should be out after their stocktake today...
great deals i have a dressing gown i got out there for £4 it was and its the comyiest one ive ever bought better than my next one heat added ::) there also selling hot water bottles with fluffy covers for £1 ... no one can grumble at these great prices if things do muck up xx
great hope theres some left today
They stocked them up this morning for anyone still after one!
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