Upto £100 Trade in for your old laptop @ PC World

Upto £100 Trade in for your old laptop @ PC World

LocalFound 17th Oct 2009
As from Thursday (I have been told, i have seen the leaflets but no date on them) P.C World will be offering upto £100 off on your old laptop, the idea is to take your laptop in and a techguy will value it! then the amount is taken off your new laptop.

Just thought i'd share this in case anyone was thinking of buying now.

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Currys did that recently too, except they gave you £100 as long as it was in working condition.
Guess this is to clear the old Vista/XP stock. Not sure I trust the valuations of their "tech guys" though.
What a joke, the Tech Guys, they could not even value there own Grannies :-D:p:-D
That means they'll be putting their laptop prices up by £100 any time now then....

Better off selling it on eBay, getting a fair market price and then using that cash towards a new one...

Not taking a pop at this post just not a great fan of PC World!
I have an idea. Lets find a way of making a crap laptop worth £10 show up as a high spec core 2 duo with 4gig of ram and 500gb disc space so the tech goofs will value it at £100
Just a guess, but the valuation will probably be based more on the laptop you're buying than the one you're trading in. Profit margins ahoy!

Smart move by PC world, plenty of gullible folks about.
I can understand the resentment towards P.C.World, as of 2 months ago, i was a techguy of 8 years i know what a **** company they are first hand, but to vote it cold just because you don't like them, may well see someone out of pocket that could buy a laptop within the next 4 days.
The real problem is that you'd do well to find something in PC world that wasn't £100 cheaper elsewhere. They are just massively overpriced on everything.
shame its not like the sony tv offer where the tv doesn't have to even work as i have a couple of door stops knocking around
Think the cold votes are because it's not £100 for your laptop, it's "up to" £100. Or to put it another way, you'll get "less than" £100 for your old lappy. Doesn't sound so inviting when it's put that way. It means the same thing, but people seem to get sucked in when the market men use the phrase "up to".
So £100 applies to any laptop worth over £1000.

Guess if its worth £500 you only get £50!
Why don't they just stick to 'mugging old grannies'.
So THAT'S where they get all those "refurbs" from! :whistling:
Anyone have any news about this? Cant see anything on the website.
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