upto 40% off with YOYO Promo @ totallywicked-eliquid.co.uk E-Cig site.

upto 40% off with YOYO Promo @ totallywicked-eliquid.co.uk E-Cig site.

Found 3rd May 2014
Managed to get a couple of giftcards with 35% off. then once this offer ends you will get another offer like last time 20% off, making a saving of 55%. upto 40% off products to..

Are you are a seller who likes the concept of YoYo? If you think that YoYo is a fantastic idea then why not register your interest and find out more?

That’s right you can sell your items using the YoYo functionality. Click here and register now.

The YOYO Promo is a uniquely fun way to play and save on a selected range of vaping goodies. The principle of the YOYO is deceptively simple: each week a range of products is offered in the YOYO and the price of these products fluctuates randomly.

When you spot a product with the price that appeals to you simply add it to your basket, this starts a countdown timer and you have 30 minutes to check out or lose your product at that selected price.

You need skill and nerve to play but you will also have lots of fun along the way.

How to grab the best bargain in a YOYO Promo:
•Should you see a price that seems too good to be true then quickly click the “add to basket” button, and this will put the item in your basket. In doing so this will freeze the product at that price for you.

Remember: When a product is added to the basket, the price for that product is frozen for the duration of your 30 minute shopping session.

The price you have frozen will be indicated by the price YoYo changing colour from red to black on the respective product page. While the product is in your basket, its price on the site will continue to fluctuate. Whether the price from now on moves up or down on the site you will not know; the price you have frozen is the price you pay when you checkout your YoYo session.

Once your first YoYo product has been added to your shopping basket your YoYo session has officially begun, and the countdown commences. You now have just 30 minutes to complete your shop. (The clock at the top right hand side of the page will begin to count down).

You can continue shopping and add further bargains to your basket, even though the countdown has begun.

You will need to be patient and search well to find the maximum discounted prices through the sale, but we assure you discounts at this level will be achievable and will be claimed.

One minute before your 30 minute shopping session expires you will hear a warning klaxon which indicates you must proceed immediately to checkout, or risk losing the contents of your shopping basket.

Should you choose to checkout by clicking the checkout button, the clock will reset, giving you 15 minutes to protect your bargains, confirm your order, pay and checkout.

If you have not completed the checkout process within the 15 minutes allotted, all the products in your basket will revert to their pre-promotion price (i.e. full price) and you must either start all over again, or pay the full price.

Remember: when a product is in your basket its price when added is frozen for the duration of your session. Even if you remove the item, it will only be available at the frozen price for the duration of the session.

But be warned
•Should you have to start your YoYo session again, you may not see the fantastic bargain you claimed previously.

The YoYo is a shopping experience of luck, patience and strategy... Happy hunting!
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