Upto £50 Cash Back (Cheque) From BT Broadband

Upto £50 Cash Back (Cheque) From BT Broadband

Found 8th Mar 2007
Save more money, when you order BT Total Broadband online with their cheque cash back scheme.

This is even better than their voucher previous offers!

Save £50 on Option 3, £30 on Option 2, or £20 on Option 1.

This is ontop of the 3 or 6 month discounted rates you get with your 12/18 month contracts!

Offer ends 2nd April 2007 (although the small print seems to reference 2006 and not 2007)

Link sourced by clicking on main image on bt.yahoo.com

Please note: The link doesnt seem to work when redirected from hotukdeals.

However you can see this deal by either navigating to;

bt.yahoo.com (and then clicking the main image to the left of the login)
- jazid

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Why the cold vote ?

If you want BT Broadband, then this offer is even better than the £50 Comet voucher or the DABS "voucher pack" offer because its cash in your pocket.

BT is a more expensive than other providers but is far less hasstle when you have a serivce outage (experienced by trying to get BT line checks for friends and family with Tiscali and Virgin who try everything but this)
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