Upto 60% off sale @ Size + FREE Delivery this weekend + 4% Quidco

Upto 60% off sale @ Size + FREE Delivery this weekend + 4% Quidco

Found 3rd Oct 2014
Size has upped it's sale disocunt with upto 60% off but for this weekend only is also giving FREE delivery on all orders (applied at checkout) just make sure you click free standard delivery.


belts from £1
Bobble hats including nike from £6 / £7
Caps from £10
Tees from £10
Shorts from £10
also footwear eg converse & vans from £25

Free delivery is site-wide not just on sale
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All the adidas is same price it was last week and last 3 months

Most of stuff cheaper elsewhere
I would never hsvr a pair of 5rsiners from size again..I love adidas originals and I bought a pair of trimm trabwhen I got them home they were split around the front of the one shoe.got intouch with head office ad I live in newport not cardiff to see if I could send thrm back and either have a refund or exchange..was told id have to take them to the shop got train thete and told they dont refund and they gotta be sent to be inspected..so was told they wpuld ring me..following sat gets train after they told me.to grab a new pair..got there.they didnt meen to ring me ment someone else..fuming.goes home.phoned day later asked them if I could have diff trainers..they checked they had there and put them to one side so I could go get them..train again..got there they were wrong trainers..then they orders the trainers for me and had the cheek to charge me the delivery charge..waste of time..how they can get away with not refunding on faulty goods is beyond me.I work in clarks snd a fault is refundable..never ever again.
Well nicbeyon33, that did it for me. No chance. Cold.
Its upped its sale what?
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