Upto 70% off empirestores
Upto 70% off empirestores

Upto 70% off empirestores

just got email through upto 70% off

good luck happy shopping


wont be ordering from them after the ixus 75 drama !!!:x

wow, they're unbelievably expensive.

I think this is a different company from "Empire Direct" who had the ixus camera scam but I may be wrong, If it is the same company then yes tread with care but make sure first.:-D

I've never managed to get a discount code to work with sale items - so whilst it's worth trying don't be surprised if they don't go through.

Also in the past when I have managed to get a code to reduce sale items I have ended up being charged the full (sale) price as apparantely the code would have had a disclaimer when it was sent out to state that it could not be used on sale items. I could never argue because the codes weren't sent to me in the first place (I usually find them on here or MSE)

It;s not empire direct, its a catolouge (ala freemans) online store, hence the expense.

one of the £15 off £30 pound worked 4 me on sale items, 30% did not work.

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forgot to put down in the email there was buy now pay june 08


buy now, stress in the summer.

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what ya on about

this "company " will send you nasty letters if you miss a payment by a few days:x

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Don't miss a payment

or if you ring them about a week before payment is dew and there really good and they will sort something out for ya

been with empire 10 years and no problems at all

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snap for me been with empirestores for about 6years and my mam has been with them for about 20 years and no problem at all with em
yer a little expensive as will all know but i rather be a little expensive and have poor coustomer care like littlewoods

rock on empirestores

The bad press Empire Stores gets isn't fair, I think they are great. I paid late by five days a couple of months ago and they were totally cool, didn't charge me extra, no funny letters or phone calls. Sometimes the discount codes works with sale items, I have got some excellent bargains recently, (i.e Portable DAB Radio £25 instead of £60, Dolce Gusto Machine £47 instead of £80, Timberland Boots £30 instead of £90) I also get 10% back to spend on other items plus quidco & interest free buy now pay June. They have a no quibble free courier returns policy too. Not bad at all.
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