Upto 80% OFF @ Freespirit - CLOSING DOWN SALE - Instore only

Upto 80% OFF @ Freespirit - CLOSING DOWN SALE - Instore only

LocalFound 10th Jan 2009
Went into my local branch at Solihull and found they had big signs up everywhere 'upto 80% OFF - CLOSING DOWN SALE', had a good look around and i'd say almost everything (still marking down goods while i was there) was reduced, many items with big discounts, 50% seems the average, but saw several items with even bigger discounts. Worth a look if you like O'Neil, Billabong, Vans, Animal, Oakley, Quicksilver, Roxy etc... They seemed to have plenty of stock left, hoodies, Jeans, Trainers, Jackets, Bags/rucksacks, wallets, hats, scarfs, gloves.

EDIT: forgot to mention, it's the same in the Northampton branch, so i'm guessing they are closing most if not all their stores.

Think it's instore only, as no mention on their website

Did have a quick search but couldnt find this posted anywhere, if it's a duplicate mod please feel free to delete. also my first post so if I messed up, sorry lol
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they are owned by blacks and blacks announced they were losing hand over first through the boarding side of the business. So quite afew shops are going to be transferred to blacks instead - hence the sales I think..
They used to be decent but now it seems the brands they sell are turning more and more street which sucks in my opinion. I don't want graffiti on my clothing.
Can anyone confirm if this is applicable at York store?
Upto 80% off at Meadowhall Branch too. Got some great quicksilver t-shirts for 2.99 and mambo shirts for husband down to 5.99. loads of great stock still left. all accessories included as well some great backpacks etc
Guildford store closing and being turned into Blacks. Bought an Animal ski jacket £79.99, scanned at £55, but the guy said, 'No that's wrong, they are £14.99' so I bought 2. Rude not to!
BTTT - the missus bought some combats yesterday (cant remmber the brand) and they were reduced from £60 to £2.99!!!! They were actually mens 28" waist, but fit her a treat! :thumbsup:
Same at the manchester store, bargains galore :w00t:
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