Upto half price sale asda george
Upto half price sale on asda george clothing instore and online.


Thank u..

Seen this online today,

Will have a look in the shop when i go next

is their dressing gowns any good?

hi thanks for the post, got 3 work shirts and a tie for £8.45 (incl £2.95 delivered), thas alrite for me as my nearest asda is a bus ride away & George white shirts are fine for me. I don't need £25 shirts otherwise I couldn't afford deals like this :-D


Crikey, those shirts at £2 each must be terrible quality.
You get what you pay for.
Hot deal BTW, but wouldn't catch me wearing cheap&nasty to work.

lol the shirts are £1.33 each at the mo (for the white shirt 3 pack), even better! To be fair to George they are 35% Cotton 65% poly easy care, that you can buy for 2 or 4 times the price down at Sainsburies or M&S, cotton shirts are such a pain in the jacksy to iron in the morning, H&R for OP ty

Had some clothes for the kids instore yesterday.

If anyone can pick me up any hello kitty tops age 6-7 i will pay postage.thanks ggp

so its off to asda we go....rainy days...Asda Days!!!!
Geegee Pinata - will pick up for you if see any!!! x

Collect In-Store!
Free delivery on orders over £25 when collecting in store (selected stores only)


Can someone please explain this to me from the ASDA site. It's confusing coz if I'm collecting in store, then I don't need any delivery do I ?
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