Urusei Yatsura Complete OVAs DVD Set £9.99 @anime-on-line.com

Urusei Yatsura Complete OVAs DVD Set £9.99 @anime-on-line.com

Found 14th May 2010
3 DVD Set Containing 11 Episodes

After almost 200 episodes of Urusei Yatsura and several theatrical films, the fans were unanimous in their opinion: Enough is not enough! We want more!
So legions of animators wore out forests of pencils to create a series of additional outrageous Urusei Yatsura Original Video Animations. The result was this classic collection.

Ever since Lum & Co. came to live in Tomobiki, it's become the insanity centre of the universe, a black hole of craziness that attracts weirdness to the suburbs of Tokyo. Join our highly charged alien princess and the rest of the Urusei Yatsura gang for non-stop comedy madness and mayhem.

1. Inabe the Dream Maker
2. Raging Sherbert
3. I Howl at the Moon
4. Catch the Heart
5. Goat and Cheese
6. Date with a Spirit
7. Terror of Girly Measles
8. Nagisa's Finance
9. The Electric Household Guard
10. Ryoko's September Tea Party
11. Memorial Album

Label: MVM
Released: September 6th 2004
Classification: 12
Running Time: 345mins

Edition Details:
Region 2, PAL

Japanese Language, English Subtitles
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Before ranma, before inuyasha, there was LUM - urusei yatsura. I have always loved this series which singlehandedly kickstared the whole harem genre. The ONLY thing is, this is not harem anime essentially....it is just something.....unique.

I know harem is the stupidest genre in anime, apart from sports anime, and music anime, however there are a few animes that transcend all genres. Yatsura is it.

It would be silly not to buy this incredibly rare collection.
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