Urusei Yatsura Movie 3 - 99p @anime-on-line.com
Urusei Yatsura Movie 3 - 99p @anime-on-line.com

Urusei Yatsura Movie 3 - 99p @anime-on-line.com

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In the first Urusei Yatsura movie, Ataru found himself a reluctant bridegroom trapped between two Alien Princesses.

In the second Urusei Yatsura Movie, he found himself trapped in a dream of Lum's making. Those were just warmups: This time he finds himself... Herbivorous?? When Lum was born, a postal screwup caused a witchy friend of the family not to get an invitation to the celebration. Believing herself snubbed, she lays a curse on Lum - that she will never be happy with her True Love. In the present, a new Amusement Park has been built in Tomobiki, and opening day finds the whole gang sampling its pleasures. At a magic show, however, Ataru gets turned into a pink hippopotamus - FOR REAL! When Lum attempts to track down the magician that transformed her darling, things start to get very weird, very fast.
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A good price - from the reviews it sounds fun; but maybe a little ecchi for my liking; should appeal to teenage boys :whistling:

nice price, this anime is one of Rumiko finest, not as good as Ranma 1/2 though
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