US Robotics Adsl2+ Wireless Modem Router for £24.60 Icl Google checkout!!!
US Robotics Adsl2+ Wireless Modem Router for £24.60 Icl Google checkout!!!

US Robotics Adsl2+ Wireless Modem Router for £24.60 Icl Google checkout!!!

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I think its a great deal for any US robotics wireless modem router.

The USRobotics Wireless ADSL2+ Router integrates all the capabilities you need to maximize your ADSL service for your home or small business. The Wireless ADSL2+ Router includes a high-performance ADSL2+ modem and 802.11g wireless access point, allowing it to be connected directly to your ADSL line. It includes a full-featured firewall for network security and flexible wireless security encryption to protect you from wireless intrusion. Now you can easily, and safely, surf without wires!

Solid Security

* Built-in security protects your network against hackers
* Stateful Packet Inspection firewall
* Parental Control Control PC access to the Internet by time of day and day of week
* For business users, VPN pass-through support for PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP
* Encryption - WPA2, WEP 64/128 bit, WPA
* Mac Address Authentication & Disable Broadcast SSID

Easy to Install and Use

* Simple 1-2-3 installation will have you up and sharing your Internet connection in minutes

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Review from ebuyer website

First I'd like to say thanks to ebuyer for a very fast delivery. Ordered Thursday and arrived Friday morning.
I bought this item to set up a wireless network at home and I wanted a router that could be plugged straight into the phone line rather than being controlled through a computer. USR are a big brand company so I thought it would be a good place to start. The price was also very good. When it arrived I had a brief look through the manual then went straight to work setting up a network. I unplugged my broadband modem and plugged the USR into the socket. In order to set it up you do need to connect it to a PC via a LAN cable. You then start up internet explorer and type in the routers IP address. This takes you to the router settings menu. Here you type in your broadband user name and password etc. Then switch on the wireless access point and set up WEP, WPA or both security, then log out again. Job done. You can either leave it connected to the PC via LAN or you can just leave it hidden somewhere and access it via a wireless USB or PCI card etc... It was very easy indeed and I am very pleased with it.
If you were wondering I use Virgin Broadband and had no problems, it also works with games machines without any problems.

I was wondering if these would work for Virgin broadband as it has a built-in modem?

not a techie so could be wrong !

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It should be working with virgin broadband based on BT line (not virgin brodband based on cable ) as it has built in modem.

No fair, it's come down £2 since I ordered it a few days ago, it's not even been delivered yet!!

Does anyone know if this can work with a mac?

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It will be working with mac as all the new router now adays comes with ip configuration mode which can be used with safari

Can vouch for USR - my router has been fantastic (MaxG). Also their support is really top notch, the power supply died on me after a power surge and they sent out another one within 24 hours! Can't say better than that.

Anyone know if this would work with a PCMCIA Netgear 108Mbs card?


Anyone know if this would work with a PCMCIA Netgear 108Mbs card?

Would it work with your PCMCIA wireless card?
Certainly as they both are using g. Unless your card has an issue.
Would it do so at your speed of 108mbs?
Not sure what this goes up to.

I have Virgin Media Broadband (cable) and it works with my Belkin Wireless router / modem. You just need to plug the router into the cable modem.
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