USB 4 way HUB - £1 @ PoundWorld

USB 4 way HUB - £1 @ PoundWorld

Found 5th Mar 2007
4 way HUB with USB extension cable. Bargain at a £1


this appears to be a non-powerd hub so may not work for things that get their power through the USB port

Anyone know if this works with the xbox 360 (I would like to have the vision camera and a keyboard to be attached to the rear USB connection).

no idea but worth a try for £1

It's also USB 1.1 not 2.0 so probably won't help with all those fast devices. But for £1 it works well.

they've been doing a 4 port USB2 non powered hub for quite some time - little square thing with a port on each side. Strange thing is on all my Dells it won't work when connected to any of the onboard USB ports but it works fine plugged into my belkin USB PCI card.

Is poundworld the global arm of poundland?

I'd shy away from these and buy a powered hub instead. The unpowered ones cannot give some devices enough power to run. For instance, you may get the dreaded blue screen if you try to connect too many devices or, like me, connect a Palm PDA.
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