USB Airforce Fan £4.99 delivered @

USB Airforce Fan £4.99 delivered @

Found 15th Jan 2010
The office air conditioning has broken down, reports need writing, the boss (the one in the room with a nice big open window) is yelling down the phone at you to get that report on his desk yesterday - you feel yourself breaking, the sweat pouring down your back.

Then in the distance you hear a faint buzzing, like the sound of an old spitfire flying low over office territory. And over the top of the colour printer comes your saviour - the USB Airforce Fan. Fully equipped with cooling blades on its nose - this veteran of hot and sticky offices is no stranger to heat - and once plugged into your computer, will keep you calm with its powerful wind generating blades.

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..."The office air conditioning has broken down" ... "the sweat pouring down your back."
Riiight. Come the summer I may consider this toy. Until then not a chance
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