USB Birthday Decoration Kit - 80% Off, Was 9.99 Now 1.99

USB Birthday Decoration Kit - 80% Off, Was 9.99 Now 1.99

Found 14th Jun 2007
Luminescent Birthday lights decor.|This package contains Birthday lights, Birthday Hat, mouse pad and downloadable screen saver.|Compatible with any Windows and Mac platforms|Plugs into your USB port for power - no batteries required.

Cat # 270/2186
NOTE: Please note this is a clearance line and stocks are strictly limited.


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This was posted a few months ago - would say that it is worth £1.99 but no more

BTW - The mousemat is printed on the back of the box to be cut out, and the screensaver is downloaded from an internet site.

I'm going to vote cold I think, It looks incredibly cheap and the materials to do it yourself would probably cost less!

If anyone had bought this when £9.99 i really expect they were ashamed after opening the box.

Mouse mats cost ~30p to have printed in bulk, but they use the back of the packaging as one - terrible!!!!! And to have to download the software do they provide?????? a set of party rubbish that can be bought from wilkos / pound shops for MUCH less!

How this product was ever passed for production i dont know. A pure rip-off item, and clearly intended as so.

Sorry - I failed to recognise the usb lights included.

Perhaps not SOOOO bad, but still a poor product.
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