USB Chess Game for 1.99 @ Gadget Shop reduced from 29.99 + 7% quidco

USB Chess Game for 1.99 @ Gadget Shop reduced from 29.99 + 7% quidco

Found 5th Oct 2009
Now here's a natty idea for everyone who likes a touch of mental stimulation. There's real intelligent design at the heart of this completely flexible chess set, which can quite simply be rolled up and taken on the move wherever you go.

It's a quite splendid fusion of old and new, uniting a classic game with the very latest in high technology. And better still, it even comes with real pieces for that truly authentic Grand Master experience, whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned expert. A set of tiny sensors buried deep in the flexi-board enables you to play against a friend (in the old-fashioned way), against your computer or even against your check-mates out there in cyberspace.

Methodically tracking your moves via the flexible interface device, the computer is simply delighted to get involved if you become stuck or need advice. The computer also acts as a sophisticated timepiece, keeping you fully abreast of how long you have left to make your next move, and how much time remains in the game. All you have to worry about is making the right move.

Compatible with Windows XP and 2000
Includes game pieces, installation CD, user guide and online support
USB Cable length 4 feet,

p+p 3.95


Sounds quite interesting. Worth £1.99!

You forgot the important bit £3.95 P&P = £5.94
Perhaps you should change the heading

I had one of these from Argos about a year ago. Wasn't impressed, and returned to store - the software is really poor, which is sad, as it could have been so good - perhaps someone has managed to modify it since then however.

thanks op just ordered 2 one for my hubby and one for my brother.

thanks, ordered 3, 1 4 me and 2 4 xmas presents

Sadly p+p of £23 :w00t: to N. Ireland....


Sadly p+p of £23 :w00t: to N. Ireland....

Yes once again pay over the top for postage, for that few miles of water. 2nd Class citizens. If you have a relative on the 'Mainland' get it sent there and get them to post it over. Its rediclous how these companys can charge this much postage when you can order stuff from Play or Amazon the size of a bed and get it delvered free?:x

thanks. ordered one as a xmas present.:thumbsup:


no vista or win 7

would be surprised if it doesn't run in compatibility mode

Back to £29.99 now
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