USB Cup Warmer
USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer

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Finding time to make a cup of tea or coffee when you're in the office can be a serious struggle but the real test is making the time to drink it. The instant that you set a cup of coffee down on your desk, you're absolutely guaranteed an interruption. Either the phone will go, or someone will call an emergency meeting, or worse still, the fire alarm will sound and you'll get back from your trek, (to the furthest away corner of the car park), just in time to watch it turn from lukewarm to stone cold. So what's the solution? Well plenty of people would say 'that's just life', but not us we refuse to be beaten by Murphy's Office Law.

This fantastic USB Cup Warmer is such an inherently simple idea that it really does make you wonder what took those clever accessory inventor types so long to come up with it. Perhaps they were suffering from caffeine deprivation Simply plug this little coaster into your USB port and it will heat up, keeping your cup and, more importantly, the contents of your cup warm for as long as you leave it there. Very cool indeed or should that be hot?

The perfect present for all those poor, misunderstood executives who would give all the tea in China to sit around drinking coffee all day.



Unfortunately you must also add the £3.95 delivery cost... Making this a frightening £7.90

these are cr*p

don't waste a penny on them

Please try to include postage luna, plus a price and retailer name in the thread title


these are cr*p don't waste a penny on them

As mug warmers they are i agree. But an alternative use i have found is to snip off the usb plug wire up to a multi-voltage adaptor and use as a safe alternative to an oil burner by placing a piece of damp(not wet) cotton wool or sotton swab on it with a few drops of your favourite oil, safer than using candles with the same effect especially when you have three little 'uns in the house!

Voted cold, even if it was £3.95 delivered I wouldn't touch one of these but at £7.90 it's a terrible deal.

I believe these have been in Poundshops before.

Afraid I'll have to agree with the above. Even for £1 from Poundland I doubt I would buy it. The plate is warm to the touch, but there's just not enough heat to keep your drinks warm.

Am i the only one who laughed at the irony of a mug warmer being voted cold? :P
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