USB Digital TV Dongle with remote, £23.46 delivered @ Microdirect

USB Digital TV Dongle with remote, £23.46 delivered @ Microdirect

Found 26th Oct 2010
Just seen this, looks like a good price for a digital TV dongle with remote.

Anyone tried one?

Can be collected free from stores if you live in Manchester making price £19.95


Save your money, these are pretty rubbish

These sticks are ALL hopeless on the mini aerial, and really need something more substantial, but looking at it, it at least has the right Windows 7 and 64 bit drivers, so worth a look if you really feel you want one.…tml

One review I could find, it is in German, but the site translates it!…,-1 it's a bit neutral

If you have internet for PC IMHO best use or iPlayer or equivalent.

I have 2 of these (one old one wasn't XP Compatible) and you need a decent aerial to get reception...

I bought a similar one on Ebay recently. Sensitivity is apalling. Even plugged in to my roof aerial it only picked up a few channels and as soon as there is any noise it loses sync and freezes. Now I only paid £10 but my guess is that this won't be hugely different.
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