USB GPS Receiver Globalsat BU-353 SiRF III - £24.43 delivered!!
USB GPS Receiver Globalsat BU-353 SiRF III - £24.43 delivered!!

USB GPS Receiver Globalsat BU-353 SiRF III - £24.43 delivered!!

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You get this price with the attached voucher code and standard royal mail delivery! Cheaper if you collect! You have to put the voucher code into the 'comments' box at the checkout.

Not a deal for everyone, but certainly among us car pc enthusiasts, and those of you who want to turn your laptops into cheap sat nav devices! (With the right software)

"The WAAS enabled BU-353 GPS Receiver can be utilized in a variety of applications that may require a magnetic mounting with a waterproof configuration. With non-slip on the base and its compact design, the BU-353 is completely self-contained and waterproof. It incorporates the latest SiRF Star III GPS chipset and an active patch antenna so you receive the highest degree of GPS accuracy. Typical application may include, but not limited to marine, aviation, and commercial environments in such uses as fire truck, police cars, buses, utility & long haul vehicles. The extended 5 feet long cable allows for easy routing behind headliners and side panels to terminate at a USB connector for interfacing with your Laptop / ibook. / PowerBook."


Not bad price. But if you're not needing the Sirfstar III chipset and the Sirfstar II is fine for you, then you can get this:


It's £9.85 + p&p which makes it around £15 delivered, or buy a few and sell on ebay to reduce the hit on the postage.

I bought a bunch and confirm that they work great with my own GPS software and other off-the-shelf stuff like google earth etc.

Voted warm anyhoo!

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Granted, the 303 is cheaper, and does effectively the same job

Only thing i will say from experience is that the 303 takes longer than the 353 to get a GPS lock (side by side)

Plus, i feel it's a good price in comparison to most other places at £45 + postage

The Sirfstar III is definitely the better product, and if I wanted to get the best USB GPS module then I'd get what you recommend.

I just wanted to add a little extra choice for the more budget-minded amongst us!

BTW - I was consistently getting under 40 seconds for a cold-start, which was well under the documented spec!

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The input is appreciated Kanester, thanks. And i will back you on the sub-40 second lock on the 303.

What software for a laptop running vista home do you recommend?

Guys, you all seem very knowledgeable on all things gps, am looking at the following two bluetooth receivers...

one from fleabay (Item no 190210922073)

and one from ]Handtec

they are both sirf III which seems to be the best chipset according to reviews, but does anyone have any experience of either handtec or the different makes??

Thanks in advance


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I have no experience with handtec, but generally speaking the most important part is the chipset, and as they both have SS III you're looking in the right place.in sat nav the second part that's jsut as important is teh mapping software. generally speaking, the bluetooth cmmunication is so simple there will not be a problem. just be sure to check out the compatibility lists (or rather inconpatibility lists) with the chosen software


For software you can try PC Navigator £50 from here
I've tried some of the earlier versions and it was good for the money.

Personally I don't think it's worth trying to do navigating on laptop these days; All in One systems are much safer and don't cost that much more.


I'm afraid that I can't comment on the mapping software very much, as I bought mine to do software development with them. There's lots of free software out there for doing things such as data-logging i..e storing where you have been etc. And it's all pretty straight forward to write software to do this.

I have also used it with google earth (you have to buy a license) and that works fine.

But as other posters point out, you're better off with all-in-one units in terms of usability etc. I've tried my laptop in my car and it's frankly a deathtrap!


igo 8 for pc
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