USB Heated Warm Gloves - Various colours available - £3.80 Delivered @ DX

USB Heated Warm Gloves - Various colours available - £3.80 Delivered @ DX

Found 7th Dec 2009
It's getting Cold!!!

USB heated gloves, many colours available and a steal at £3.80

Grey -…366
Pink -…365

- High security, energy conservation and security
- Two heating pads in each glove
- Gloves can you be used fingerless or closed for complete warmth
- Warm the hands in the cold environment
- Gloves made from wool for complete comfort
- Operating voltage: DC 5V
- USB cable included (150cm-cable)


Original Poster

High security???

But it is always ma tips that get cold!!??

so what happens, you plug em into your phone while walking?

Thing is, by the time they are delivered, it will be summer again.

They either won't heat very well or they'll risk damage to your PC - USB power was never designed for heating things! Bad idea.


High security???

nobody would want to steal them now would they :santa:

Very tempted, great idea....

When i'm sat in the office at home its always freezing and no matter how much I wrap up, hands are always out in the cold... @ aerotec... although these won't warm the tips of your fingers, I think the plan is they warm the blood in your hands which goes down to the tips of your fingers...

How many people sit at a pc wearing a pair of gloves?

What a ridiculous idea.

Well my boyfriend has his office at the end of our garden and it is freezing. He always has frozen fingers so this would be brilliant if it was delivered for christmas. But going by other threads on here deal extreme are really slow at delivery at the moment.

Don't be put off lozza... I have had things from DX in about 1 to 2 weeks in the past.... if you order now I think they might get here for xmas...

cold, I would get beaten up (even more) if I wore these to school.
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