USB Mains Adaptor £2.99 @ Lidl

USB Mains Adaptor £2.99 @ Lidl

Found 6th May 2010
* For charging USB equipment from the mains without a PC or laptop
* With LED power indicator
* Includes 75cm connection cable (USB/mini USB)


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Will this be able to recharge an ipod?

only if your ipod is the only one on earth with a usb

Or he could use his iPod cable.. :whistling:

I had every intention of using the usb cable provided by apple (or poundland!) I understand that some chargers aren't powerful enough to charge ipods, hence the question...

Does anyone know if this is 500ma or 1000ma? Thanks.

Why is it orientated to fit the socket sideways?

was it established if this is ok for an ipod, nano 5th G specifically?

I decided to give it a try, the item is described in the packaging as having an output voltage: 5.2v/1000mA. I have just tried it on my ipod classic and it charges it. :-D

Thanks OP.

Got one today and it charges both my Sony mp3 players, a NWDB105FB and a NWZ-S638F.
Sony players are usually picky about charging - so a good buy and a 3 year warranty too!
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