USB Missile Launcher £17.99 delivered Sale

USB Missile Launcher £17.99 delivered Sale

Found 9th Jan 2007
I got one of these as a Chrismas present and they are a fantastic way to defend the office door! It comes with a little piece of software for making it rotate and fire, great fun for the price.

Cheapest I have seen by miles but buy quickly as play seem to be constantly taking items in and out of the sale!

I saw this in Marks and spencers for £5 in the sale.
- margisteve


Thanks Lemming

Good price on that one!! It's around £25 at most other places Brilliant for the office!

Lemming wrote "Great for defending the office door".

Awesome mate, I take it your office does not have a health and safety policy then?

"Yes" Lemming replied. "I am quite healthy thanks, and now very safe with my weapons at hand."

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