USB Missile Launcher with 3 Missiles - Mouse Controlled with Software - £11.74 with Free Delivery Fo
USB Missile Launcher with 3 Missiles - Mouse Controlled with Software - £11.74 with Free Delivery Fo

USB Missile Launcher with 3 Missiles - Mouse Controlled with Software - £11.74 with Free Delivery Fo

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These are great fun; the range isn't huge (a few meters), but they're quite unnerving if you're being tracked. More interestingly, they have a lot of nerd potential - tape a webcam to one and control it remotely using Remote Desktop (or whatever) for a very cheap pan/scan setup.

Note that you have to go through "Today Only" to get the reduced price - the item itself can be seen here: scan.co.uk/pro…579


The description says you can aim the missile using a computer, but unless the missile system has a built in webcam then I don't see how it can really "aim". I'm going to wait for the next generation version of these which has a webcam built into the missile for "in flight" guidance and last minute adjustments when aiming at moving targets


Also, if I was to send this to my friend abroad for Christmas, would I needs a license for exporting arms? The description says "Please be advised that this item is not available for Export".

Here's the description:

One of the coolest gadgets we have had in stock, this USB controlled Missile Launcher is controlled by your PC and fires foam darts! Next time someone annoys you, take aim, and fire!Your PC can control the aim and will also fire the dart! It’s the latest thing in office cubicle warfare!

The software will work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP and the launcher pans 180 degrees and tilts up to 45 degrees. A simple move of the mouse will aim your harmless soft foam projectile...and with a click it’s bombs away, complete with sound effects!

The USB Missile Launcher comes with software compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP and is connected to your PC or laptop via USB.3 x AA batteries are also required (not included), however you can buy them from the link below.The included software will allow you to navigate the missiles trajectory with your keyboard or mouse - the launcher pans 180 degrees and tilts up to 45 degrees.

Once you have selected your target, the fire button will activate a sound effect and launch a missile. Each of the three included darts comprise harmless soft foam material for safety around the house or in the office.

Please note: Not suitable for children due to small parts which may constitute a choking hazard. Recommended for ages 10 and upwards.

Just one question - Why?


Just one question - Why?

Why what?

I received one of these as a christmas present last year. Its not bad, nothing great either as you'll get bored with it after a while. Always good tho to fire at someone nearby once in a while tho

Range of about 10 ft I think.

You just visually aim it as in point and shoot.

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It is quite fun. I'm tempted to buy one to build into something else. They're quite a popular toy and usually sell for around twice this price. They're more fun when used in conjunction with house cats.

We are planning to get this for one of our colleague at office.
Not to give him. But to aim at him when he comes near IT support desk.
I was thinking to hooking it up with a motion sensor lying around.

As I'm not a member of AV forums I went for similar from pc world for £2 more. Thanks for the idea though, make a good present for a mate of mine

Your friends wouldn't happen to be in Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan:-D


*** Offer ends a 1200 ***

why do people keep saying that scan deal of the day offers expire?
drop this dotd item into your basket at £11.74 ]here today, tomorrow, whenever :whistling:

If your order is under £20 (VAT excluded), you can order and may get free delivery, but you shouldn't try it, I know people who lost their free delivery option because of placing orders under £20 (VAT excluded)!
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