USB Powered Universal Phone Battery Charger Keychain with Auto-Polarity DealExtreme ~£1.45

USB Powered Universal Phone Battery Charger Keychain with Auto-Polarity DealExtreme ~£1.45

Found 12th Mar 2009Made hot 12th Mar 2009
- Plugs right into USB ports
- Charges cell phone, digital camera, and lithium ion/polymer batteries for other devices
- Automatically assigns the correct polarity (so you can insert the battery any way you want)

Just had it delivered this morning, does what it says on the tin! It has adjustable prongs for the +ve and -ve terminals to fit virtually all phone batteries. Worked on my Nokia 6500 slide. Charged from my laptop in a few hours, LED goes red when charging. Maybe slightly large to fit on a keyring, but is only about the length of a key.

There is another version that charges from the mains, and also charges other USB devices, but requires buying a converter plug (will fit in UK mains but may need a tool to stick in the earth socket to open the other 2 sockets). Roughly £2.50 for both.…968

Plug adapter:…529



this will definitely come in handy.

nice find.. heated

So this charges up via USB? Then you can connect it to a mobile or camera to charge the mobile/cameras battery?

That could come in very handy for phones with a low battery life, such as my nokia n95...I can't wait to upgrade my phone in a few weeks when I renew my contract.

Hmmmmm....heat added but I fear Iphoners may suffer

Would it work with an iPhone 3G?

Looks cool!

Where does it get the power from?

Original Poster

It draws the power from the USB port, and no it wouldn't work on iPhones, unless you can take the battery out? i don't know, i don't have one! It charges the battery itself, not through the device the battery it is in.

So if it's a phone battery, you will probably have to put the time and date back in your phone after you have charged the battery (and put it back in the phone).

Well Spotted!

Ordered One..........

No thanks.. just watched a video showing what happens when you overcharge a LI-Polymer battery (flamethrower anyone) and if this is a "universal" battery charger it probably wont have the correct voltage regulation for a perticullar battery.…VWw

I'd rather not blow myself up for a £2 battery charger thanks, besides quite a few modern phones can charge of a usb port, and by connecting the phone it will use the phones builtin charging circuits to deliver the CORRECT level of charge to the battery.

Why is the website showing in $ instead of £. Is it a US based website?
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