USB to Micro USB Charging Cable (60CM-Length) - £0.74p Delivered @ Deal Extreme

USB to Micro USB Charging Cable (60CM-Length) - £0.74p Delivered @ Deal Extreme

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- Color: Black
- Quick charge your cellphones with USB port
- Cable length: 60cm

Dimensions: 0.00 in x 0.00 in x 0.00 in (0.0 cm x 0.0 cm x 0.0 cm)
Weight: 0.53 oz (15 g)


these are really poor quality cables, the moulds / shrouds are loose and the cables always come out rendering the cable ^&^((^*ed.

Buy the same for pennies from the auction site

i bought decent quality one from amazon!!

I use the one that came with my phone, that came with my mouse, that came with my 2.5" HDD.....

These cables are going to become so ubiquitous since everyone is switching to standard micro USB power connectors.

will these charge a ps3 controller?

They are not much more from eBay and they will be from the UK so if they go faulty you should get a replacement and you wont have to wait 2 months for it to arrive this is so cold its artic, some people will heat up any crap.

£1.25 delivered posted within 23 hours UK stock.

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will these charge a ps3 controller?

No, these are micro.

You want the 3rd one along from the left in this link.

o_O how did it get hot/into the RSS feed??

Also going around deal extreme & posting everything you find isn't a good idea |:

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hmmm perhaps not the best quality - waste of money - cold:(

Belkin cable from Amazon costs less than £2 delivered. Worth the extra.

good for a cheap cable, but that's what it is. Sorry, ebay has some better deals, pulled a decent quality one for 99p


This is not a bargain, can be found on the famous auction for this price.

Cold +1

Thumbs down, useless.

Cold +1

I've had bad experiences with cheap USB>Micro cables lately. Bought one in this country recently that wouldn't charge my phone (either from computer or USB charger) or connect for data. Useless. Certainly not confident one from DealExtreme would be better quality.
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These are cheaper AND do data as well as power:…uct
I ordered 10 for my company; no problems.
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DealExtreme are so slow as well. Couldn't be bothered the long wait.

Got a blackberry one from Amazon for 97p, arrived next day and is a very thick an sturdy cable.

Seriously I get these off ebay for like 4p each delivered just go on the auctions instead of BIN they are from japan or whatever but for the price you can't argue. I got a ton of them.
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