USBCell Rechargeable AA Batteries Pack of 2 £8 @ Robert Dyas

USBCell Rechargeable AA Batteries Pack of 2 £8 @ Robert Dyas

Found 3rd Dec 2008
GO GREEN' with USBCELLThe revolutionary NiMH AA rechargeable battery - the USBCELL, saves you money and battery waste and is easy to recharge from a USB port.Suitable for use in any device which uses AA batteries.Particularly suited to wireless technologyRecharges up to 500 times.Each battery saves 7kg CO2 and 3kg of toxic waste.


omg, these look so cooool!

Nice idea, but £4.95 p&p?? Postage would only be about £1.50 at most.

Rip-off !!

I wondered what USBCell was when I saw it mentioned on a review of a laptop wireless mouse earlier.

Excellent idea, a bit too expensive when inc. postage.

£8.60 delievered here:…CJA


I found these to be very poor quality when I had a set, covering came loose & the cap is held on by a tiny bit of elastic.


These are really ****... the usb port takes up a lot of room, so power is very much diminished. good idea, but just not workable.

A silly gimmick that has no practical use. If you're out and about and need to recharge, you need to a computer up and working. if you happen to have a computer with you, it's probably because you actually need it, and all you do with these is drain the battery in the computer. If you're not out and about then surely you're be able to charge batteries normally? It has to be cheaper and easier just to buy more rechargeables and more practical to take them out with you instead of these and a computer? And how much!? Cold.
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