USED A sennheiser hd600 £140 at CEX

USED A sennheiser hd600 £140 at CEX

Found 10th Mar
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Its cheap but prefer my HD 700. The 600s are too dark and neutral sounding.
Legendary cans. Personally I prefer these to the HD700s by a long way (I’ve had both). As long as you can live with open back and dig the slightly fuggly looks, you won’t be disappointed.
No,me!! Drink!!!!
Awesome price for these cans, only 1 pair in stock nationwide and they're in Walthamstow
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Great set of headphones.
For future reference, how do these and/or the hd700s compare to the HD579s on sale recently?
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Somewhat irrelevant, but I bought some Astro A50s from CEX a while ago now at half the RRP. Came fully boxed, with all major accessories and work perfectly. Pro-tip: If you do buy 2nd hand earphone, regardless if they are boxed, pick up some antibacterial wipes from Tesco, or elsewhere and give them a thorough wipe down. Good as new and peace of mind,the watsits controller picture always comes to mind on these sorts of things.
I'm kicking myself for not pulling the trigger when these were £200 new. Same goes for the 650's.
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