Used Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Remote + Nunchuck + Leads - £22.99 delivered @ estocks via eBay

Used Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Remote + Nunchuck + Leads - £22.99 delivered @ estocks via eBay

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Found 20th Jun 2013
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lol great price. Can't go wrong. Can sit next to my ps3
great price. It may not be for the "hardcore gamers" but its great for family's and for just a bit of fun.
Nice find op they also have some other consoles worth looking at
GAME currently selling at £25. Worth the extra £2 for their 12 months warranty on pre-owned console.
alot for not much..great deal
The black one for £2 more is tempting.
It says:
“*UNBOXED* The console may have slight marks to the front and/or rear, Includes power lead, AV Cable, sensor bar, 1x controller and 1x nunchuk”

This doesn't mean used, does it?
suitably vague in the description, one selling for £35 (black one) says "FULLY tested" these £23 and £25 ones have no description add on
Could get this and skyward sword for cheaper than a night out!
Ordered thanks
With the controller and nunchuck costing £15 (used) at the likes of Cash converters, this means the console costs £7.50. If you already have one, you can get another at that price easily. Then you will have one for one upstairs in your childs room and one downstairs. Only if you was needing to buy another set of controllers of course.
This is out of stock, but the same seller is selling the black Wii for £24.99 with remote, nunchuck, sensor and A/V cables.

Personally, even if the white one was still available, I'd pay the extra few quid for the black version (it can still be cracked!).


P&P is still free.

Heat added for drawing my attention to the seller.
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