Used Philips Hue E27 Starter Kit Deal £124.52 @ Amazon Warehouse

Used Philips Hue E27 Starter Kit Deal £124.52 @ Amazon Warehouse


"Used but good deal "

I beg to differ

yeah, not a good deal imo

2nd hand light bulbs. Has somebody at Amazon put them on as a prank?

£12.40 and would still be expensive.

£149.99 currys for brand new starter set.

Wow don't be thick guys! If you are on here you must be either looking for Philips Hue light bulbs or have nothing better to do. What you are buying is light from a bulb for an amount of time. These bulbs haven't been out for long so they can probably only be 6 months old. Hue is like marmite so whoever bought these probably never used them and returned them. The bridge just sits there so no of you would ever tell the difference from a brand new set. Philips Hue is very expensive and everyone is entitled to say it's not value for money. However if you are in the market for them you can't obtain the bulbs for cheaper. I already have 25 bulbs and so buy the starter kits for the bulbs and sell the bridges so in the end I pay a lot less than for an individually priced bulb. Do the maths!!!

Mixby1 I have a Starter set myself plus a light strip and am in the market for some white Hue bulbs as well. I'm not debating whether the bulbs are overpriced because everyone already knows these are ludicrously expensive, what I'm debating is whether these offer any kind of value at £125 used. For all we know they might have already had a few thousand hours use. When you also factor that if you're patient and wait these can be had at time for approximately £80-100 new.

Yes you're right. Eventually the prices fluctuate and you can grab a deal. I managed to cancel the used set coming as are selling them new for £120. Also Amazon have the GU10 kit for the same price. There were two sets of used ones available and both got snapped up pretty quickly. Even at £125 you can sell the bridge for £25 and have the bulbs for £33.PHI929001142002 instead of £50. In my situation that was a better deal for my bedroom lamps which won't get as much use. Thanks
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